Monday, 8 September 2014

Sweet Legs

 I wanted to share with you my latest discovery... Sweet Legs. They are the softest, stretchiest, comfiest, awesomest leggings I have ever put on. And as an added bonus they come in all sorts of wild patterns. I essentially live in leggings and can not recommend these guys enough. They're perfect for the cold months that are coming because they're perfect for layering. I was asked on the weekend what to wear with them- I wear them with a long tank and a sweater- I need my backside to be covered... it really can get out of control back there. ;) So really, for me, as long as my top covers the backside- I am in business.
I also love that they are a Canadian company and Canada is pretty rad.
Here's to the coming chilly months and cozy leggings.

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Anonymous said...

And you forgot to say they are actually pretty cheap