Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Being an Auntie Rocks

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This sweet girl is one of my favorite human beings. Being her (and her brother's) Auntie is the best. The best! She is cheeky, impatient, funny, saucy and so very lovable. 

This past weekend we made a quick trip home to celebrate her second birthday. We ate amazing cake, made silly faces, watched her favorite show Paw Paw (Paw Patrol) and then headed back home. It can be hard when you live away from your family, you miss so many moments and chances to spend time building relationships. When I see her & her brother I do my best to remind them how much I love them (and how much fun I am). She still takes my hugs and crazy kisses, I have to torture them out of her brother but I think he might be playing me. It's ok, it just means I get to chase him around for a little bit longer. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
We love you so very much.

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Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

Aunties are the best! I love being an auntie