Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Project Life- week 2

page 1: I did things a little different this week. I put in 4 @ 3x4 journaling cards and wrote about each picture here. I hen numbered each picture to correspond with the journaling. I like it. 
I will likely keep doing that. 
Also, I got a new "week in review" stamp from my good friend Lisa & I LOVE it.

Page 2: more of the same.
I blurred out some journaling that didn't need to be shared.

the things you say: week 2 edition.

My new stamp!
Thank you Lisa!


Formerly.Lisa.S. said...

I like how you used the heart arrow stamp in between the dates! Stealing that...

I love the numbered photos to correspond with the journaling. Stealing that...

Why didn't I think of printing my Instagrams larger?! Duh!! Totally stealing that!

I'm glad you like your stamp! It is pretty awesome...

Candace said...

oooh burred out writing, it's all I can think about. lol. Your stamp is the bees knees. and I love your PL thang.