Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hello Friends!

I'm not sure if it's the weather, the cold I have been fighting or the wedding plans (which really aren't all that "fun") but I am in a funk and let me tell you friends it ain't pretty! Scrapbooking, no thank you! To be honest I can't even find my table or make my way to clean it without rolling an ankle. Cleaning the apartment.... no way. Laundry....... forget it! Making a meal more involved than Kraft Dinner (which by the way is cheesier and super delicious).... not going to happen! Aughhhhhhhhhhh! I get all jacked up in the mornings to get stuff done........ too bad I'm at work! Then when I get home I melt into the couch and become one with it. What to do? What to do? I am going to have to do something major to get out of this one!

On a less whiny note..... my girlfriend Jenice got engaged in Central Park last week! Congratulations Hun, I am so so happy for you both! I am getting so much positive, loving comments about my invites and that makes me happy! I am in the works planning a surprise for Cory, can't give too much detail (hi baby) but I love doing this kinda thing and it's long over due. We never see each other, we get up and go to work together (no talking- too tired) we go to bed together (so tired- must go straight to sleep) and lately that seems to be the extent of our quality time... Boo! I'm working on it though, so that has gotten me a little excited. I got some good news at work so we're going out to celebrate on Friday ( haven't had a chance to tell you Cory- we're going to Yiannis.... whoo hoo). Then we're heading to Lac La Biche on Saturday for my grandma's birthday dinner..... Mmmm food.

There you have it friends, the latest and not so greatest with me. I hate to read whiny blogs where people complain about everything and think that nothing good ever happens to them so I apologize if that's how I came across....... just wanted to let you all know I'm here, I'm thinking about you and I'm in the beginning stages of a self improvement journey!


Veronica said...

You could never be whiney! That's why I took a mini blog break last week, if I didn't have anything good to say I wasn't go to say anything! :P I'm suffering through the same lack of scrapbooking anthing (except last night I got one whole page done after like 6 hours). Your mojo will come back in the winter. lol I think it is because there is work (blah!), and it is nice out, and lots of other stuff happening (hello, you are planning a wedding - thank goodness it is you not me!) that we put scrapbooking on the back burner. We will rock the house on Friday at the LNC. Wow, that's an uber long comment. Fabby talking to you today! Later gator!

FormerlyLisaS said...

you'll get out of your funk. you should try something other than scrapbooking that's creative. heck that's why I started painting...I was in a MAJOR low spot. and now I can't seem to stop! even I haven't been scrapbooking too much lately (gasp!), but by not a lot of scrapbooking I mean I on;y got 6 layouts done last week instead of 10(??did I just type that?? I am obviously suffering from work-induced delusions and will stop typing now!)

love ya!